Chemical & Biological structures with ChemBio


For research colleagues who need to work with chemical or biological structures or polymers, the ELN can be simply extended to manage these structures and provide maximum flexibility for a wide range of research needs. 


From the standard ELN screen, users can create, edit and import chemical and biological structures. A powerful search function quickly searches for  structures as chemical structure objects within files such as MS Office documents, pdfs, third party databases or legacy IT systems such as network drives and databases.

Create, edit and import chemical and biological structures and polymers, all in the standard ELN screen. Draw and modify structures using industry standard tools. Draw chemical reactions and autocalculate reaction parameters using the stoichiometry grid. Seamless integration to 3rd party files created from software such as ChemDraw, AccelrysDraw, Marvin Sketch.

Powerful search enables users to search for chemical and biological structures in multiple ways from a single search screen:

  • as chemical structures, sub-structures, reactions, reaction sub-structures, transformations, polymers, similarity or as Markush queries
  • as biological sequences, including Protein, Antibody, Gene, DNA and RNA sequences 
  • as full text or as metadata
  • in files such as MS Office documents, pdfs or image files
  • as file structures on a network drive, Sharepoint, MS SQL server or Oracle database

Full integration to ChemSpider, PubChem and other external services.

Optimized for touch screens, intuitive visual workspaces

Search and re-use legacy chemical and biological information on network drives or databases 

Build up a searchable database, searchable by structure or by reaction.

Configurable templates for the layout of experimental data, built into the ELN. Cut and paste in any structure. Perform reaction calculations on reactant and product parameters.

Publication ready structures and structures, publishable to an electronic record.

Audit trails for any modifications and electronic review signatures if needed 

Works on all major browsers and platforms (eg SAP, MS Sharepoint, Oracle and many more)

If you would like more information on how the KineMatik ELN can help your organization, please Contact Us.  
Download ChemBio Datasheet