Laboratory Resource Management (LRM)


Managing lab inventory and ensuring lab equipment calibration or maintenance can be time consuming but is a fundamental part of complying with GxP.

Save time managing lab inventory and complying with GxP requirements on equipment maintenance. Avoid the costs of over ordering, stock outs or working with non-compliant equipment.

OpenText LRM for xECM by KineMatik manages lab inventory and equipment in a central location. It gives you real-time data on inventory and alerts you to shortages and expirations. Workflows ensure requests are sent for appropriate action like re-qualification or disposal.

From one location, LRM provides:

  • a real-time view of material quantities and expiration as well as equipment status automatic alerts for upcoming stock shortages, expiration and equipment obligations.
  • Scheduled reports and workflows to request actions such as re-qualification, disposal or equipment re-calibration. 

Central location for inventory management:

Organizes all lab inventory in a central shared location. Work with Real-Time data to see what's really on site and locate it quickly. Search by location, name, supplier, expiration date or person responsible.

  • Access from anywhere with internet access.
  • Bar codes to track consumption and LRM automatically prompts the user at their desktop to update the quantities used of each material.
  • LRM also provides a single location to store MSDS and other configurable inventory information.

Automatic alerts for upcoming expirations and workflows to action them: 

LRM automatically alerts you to upcoming expiration or low stock levels. 

  • Scheduled Reports and Workflows can automate tasks such as requests for re-order, re-qualification or disposal. Workflows ensure consistent procedures for routine tasks and provide an audit trail of requests and work completed. LRM is also configurable to be 21 CFR Part 11 compliant.
  • Dashboards show real-time status on upcoming expiration, requests for action and where they are in the workflow. For customized inventory reports, there are multiple other parameters that can be quickly configured.
  • When combined with the OpenText ELN, LRM can also report the details of which lab materials (batch, supplier) were used in every experiment.

Manage equipment compliance in a single system:

Manage equipment maintenance, documentation and calibration from a single system and facilitate GxP compliance. 

  • LRM automatically alerts you when maintenance or re-calibration is required on your equipment. Scheduled reports and workflows can automate requests for re-calibration or maintenance. 
  • Dashboards show you at a glance all upcoming equipment expiration as well as tracking requests in the workflow. 
  • Stores all key documentation like calibration certificates, maintenance handbooks and instruction manuals in one location, as well as equipment specifications.
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