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Project Management provides industry standard and advanced project management tools for OpenText Content Suite.  This solution integrates projects and tasks with enterprise documents and records in a single system, while utilizing the document management and security features of Content Suite.

Get started quickly on any project with everyday project management tools for any project team. Use advanced tools for more complex projects or programs. Leverage the Content Suite  / xECM platform to drive more value from your project data: 

  • Access a single central repository of project information, search projects and their content. Re-use similar projects or use standard project templates.
  • Integrate projects and enterprise documents (e.g. Contracts, specifications) added directly into project tasks. Integrate projects to systems (e.g. Finance or SAP via xECM) 
  • Accelerate decision making with project data captured in context and a single source of truth.
  • Project Management tools available for Project & Connected Workspaces including Gantt charts, resource management, reports and more.
  • Capture and manage all project data in compliance with internal policies and external regulations. For more on managing Public Sector projects, see Public Sector.
Advanced project management tools including Project Scheduling (Manual or Automatic), Resource Management & Utilization, Resource Roles, Project Baselines & Critical Path
  • Interactive Gantt - Drag & drop to edit task dates and link tasks to create timelines. Multi-actions in the Gantt to accelerate updating project data, such as changing task states e.g. pending, completed.  Simple collaborative Gantt charts made available to all project participants enables project teams to work more cohesively and efficiently.
  • Single System for Project and Project Documents - Manage, track and integrate all projects in a single system. The central database allows the integration of key documents directly into tasks, phases and deliverables, e.g. add the latest project scope or budget document directly into the task. This content is fully searchable using the Content Suite industry leading search engine. This integration leads to increased project efficiency and more successful project execution. 
  • Resource scheduling & team management - The collaborative single system ensures that all project participant timesheets are managed centrally ensuring that resources are managed efficiently. Managers can see real-time team member allocation across all projects.  Social media tools and notifications allow for instant communication. Team members can complete their timesheets directly increasing resource efficiency leading to improved project successAssign tasks to external users of Content Suite / 3rd parties, such as Contractors or Vendors, who don’t need a Content Suite / xECM licence. 
  • Reporting with real-time data - Out of the box Dashboards on Costs, Resources & Scheduling provides real time data and a 360⁰ view of project information. This allows all stakeholders to make more informed decisions. Dashboards can be configured and made available to all management and project teams users to see relevant data.


  • Integrate projects with enterprise systems - KineMatik Project Management can be connected to enterprise systems e.g. SAP via OpenText xECM ensuring transparent access of data between projects and SAP
  • Import/Export - Import MSProject and Content Server projects. Export to MSProject, Excel, PDF or PNG files.
  •  NEW  Project Quality Applications - Risks, Issues & Learnings - Easy to use Templates & Dashboards. Risks, Issues & Learnings can be managed within the Project Workspace. Add any files to the record e.g. Mitigation plan, images, hyperlinks.


    Download PM Quality Applications  Datasheet Here
  • Learn how this OpenText customer increased project management success: Customer Success Story 

Advanced project management tools, including:

  • Program Management for connected projects, including multi-project dashboards 
  • Risk Management - > Critical Path
  • Workflows to streamline reviews and approvals. Automatically route and keep track of all projects needing review or approval - > Manual or Automatic Scheduling
  • Full Version Control for all project documents. Audit Trails for all changes - Baselines
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A single enterprise system to drive value from project data

With projects driving innovation and high value business activities, project data has become a business asset. Ensure the project team can rapidly connect with the right resources by capturing all project documentation in a single trusted place. The value of project data is maximized by managing projects on a Content Suite / xECM platform:

  • Project data is seen in context. All information is captured in a single location so that project decisions can be based on complete information.  Unstructured project information in emails, presentations, contracts or images is captured and becomes part of a structured project plan. Project teams can see entire projects in context for faster decision making and more accurate assessment of risks and costs.
  • Teams have accurate information. Sharing and maintaining document control in project can be a full time job, yet managing projects on Content Suite / xECM means that project managers can automatically keep track of project documents. They have traceability of all changes to key documents. And they can ensure their project team work with the correct versions of all project documents.
    Team members can instantly find the document or file they need to work on, directly in the task.
    Accuracy is maximized and the project database can be searched with confidence, for example to discover which projects relied on a certain document or contract.
  • Knowledge Transfer is enabled even if working with contract project managers. Teams can quickly search the entire database to find similar projects. They can get started quickly be re-using tasks, templates or any kind of project document. They can instantly assess costs and risks and locate risk mitigation strategies. Information flows securely and effortlessly across departments and project success is optimized. 
  • Content Suite provides a secure environment for enterprise wide project data. It enables a 360° view of the information and resources used in projects while ensuring confidentiality and access to information on a need to know basis. It provides an integrated project management platform for the whole enterprise and network of 3rd parties.
  • Costs are controllable even as the volumes of project data increase every year. Project data is in a single location instead of dispersed and copied across emails and folders. Savings can be made on storage and infrastructure. Digital Information Governance is managed by the existing Content Suite / xECM platform. Intangible benefits such as Knowledge Transfer and leveraging existing project materials mean teams save hundreds of hours per project, in addition to increasing their effectiveness in anticipating and managing costly risks to the organization.

Project Management is an add-on application to Content Suite / xECM. Users do not require Content Suite training to use this application. Available for on premise or cloud deployment.







*Note: the core repository for OpenText Content Suite and Extended ECM (xECM) is OpenText Content Server, on which this solution is based. Content Server was previously known as LiveLink.