Solutions for Public Sector - Project Management 

Simplify project management and support best practices in digital information management with Project Management for Content Suite* / xECM.  

Amongst the challenges facing the public sector include providing more services with fewer financial resources and in a digital era, meeting citizen’s expectations for online services and information management. 

Yet many public sector processes still rely on paper, leading to long paper trails, duplication of information and excessive time spent searching though paper case files. When managing projects, organizations may use a wide variety of software, but these are not enterprise solutions and hence are a stopgap at best.

This has led to mandates to manage public records in a digital format, such as the US NARA/OMB M12-18 Directive. Yet there are challenges in moving to electronic records and even if (for example, an agency implements the NARA Capstone approach for emails) they still remain responsible for ensuring that all other records, including project and program files, are scheduled and managed appropriately. 

In addition, higher levels of public scrutiny mean the Public Sector needs to show complete transparency of decision-making and expenditure management. Public Sector records must be searchable to show the complete change history for traceability and to meet Freedom of Information (FOI) requirements.

Yet from such changes there are also opportunities to work more efficiently and provide better services to citizens, leveraging technology to automatically capture and manage all records, automate processes and simplify collaboration.

Project Management for Content Suite / xECM enables electronic capture of project content, eliminates paper and ensures a single source of truth for all projects and project information. 

  • Manage projects efficiently.  The Project team can see the complete project in a single application for faster decision making and use real-time information to get the latest project status. They can make more accurate assessment of risks and costs by reviewing information from similar projects in the central project repository.  
    Controlling documents in a project can be a full time job but with Project Management for Content Suite, Project Managers can automatically keep track of every project document and have traceability of all changes and approvals for every document. And they can ensure the project team work with the latest approved version of all project documents. 
  • A single source of truth for all project information. All information is captured electronically in a single location. Unstructured project information in emails, presentations, contracts or images is captured in the project and becomes part of the structured project file, for every organization project.
    Key project documents are stored directly in the project, even at the task level and these documents are version controlled. Workflows and audit trails track reviews and approvals. Accuracy is maximized and accountability is clear. FOI requests are quickly managed.
  • Enable Knowledge Transfer even when working with 3rd parties such as Contractors. As all projects are stored electronically in a single, searchable location, teams who are starting a new project can quickly search for any information and re-use templates or documentation from similar projects. They can instantly assess costs and risks and locate risk mitigation strategies. Information can flow seamlessly across departments. 
  • Costs are controllable even as the volumes of project data increase every year. Project data is in a single location instead of dispersed and copied across emails and folders so savings can be made on storage and infrastructure. Digital Information Governance is managed by the existing Content Suite platform. Intangible benefits such as Knowledge Transfer and leveraging existing project materials mean teams save hundreds of hours per project, in addition to increasing their effectiveness in anticipating and managing costly risks to the organization.

Keep track of all projects in real-time

  • Project Management for Content Suite provides a secure environment for organization wide project data. It enables a 360° view of the information and resources used in projects while ensuring confidentiality and access to information on a need to know basis. It provides an integrated project management platform for the whole organization and its network of 3rd parties. 

Easy project management tools:

Project Management for Content Suite has everyday project management tools as well as advanced management tools to manage any type of project. Teams who work with applications such as MS Excel™ can get started quickly with everyday project management tools such as:

  • Interactive Gantt. Add and assign tasks in seconds. Drag and drop to move and link tasks, create timelines. Intuitive tools and icons. Users do not need Content Suite experience - read more about our customers experiences here.  
  • Reporting with real-time data. Eliminate the time spent pulling data from multiple spreadsheets to compile reports. Dashboards instantly show project data in real-time and are fully interactive so users can click for details on any item.

Real-time project management reporting

  • Manage resources. Collaborate and discuss projects in real-time. Assign tasks to external users ( of Content Suite) such as Contractors or Vendors, who don’t have a Content Suite / xECM licence. Use Notifications to send alerts on project updates, documents to review or new assignments. Team members can also complete their timesheets directly in the project task. See how team members are allocated across all their projects.
  • Integrate projects with enterprise systems e.g. Finance, or SAP via xECM so that everyone is working with the latest information
  • Use prioritisation criteria so that projects adhere to an organisation wide prioritisation framework. Enable rapid response and flexibility when political drivers change the focus of the project.
  • Capture and manage all project information in compliance with internal policies and external regulations. 

Project Management is an add-on application to Content Suite / xECM. Users do not require Content Suite training to use this application. Available for on premise or cloud deployment.











*Note: the core repository for OpenText Content Suite and Extended ECM (xECM) is OpenText Content Server, on which this solution is based. Content Server was previously known as LiveLink.