for OpenText™ Content Suite

Auditing is a Quality Management System (QMS) Process which helps an organization ensure compliance and to determine the efficiency and overall health of an operation.

KineMatik QMS - Audits is an Audit Management application for OpenText Content Suite which standardizes audit strategies, enhances audit activities and provides real-time visibility to the audit team in a workflow driven environment. An automated Audit process speeds up the process of audit preparation, scheduling, conducting the audit and reporting on audit activities.

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  • Establish an automated, documented Audit procedure which is central to an organization’s Quality Management System to ensure the health and efficiency of the operation
  • Manage, track and integrate all Audits and related records in a single system
  • Integrate the Audit System with other KineMatik QMS applications to gain better visibility and control into Quality processes
  • Out of the box configuration including workflows (providing a defined process), forms and reports
  • Easy modification of form views, workflows and the QMS applications' interface
  • Quickly create Audit templates to accelerate the preparation necessary to conduct an Audit
  • Report on Audit history and trends and understand improvements that need to be made
  • Enter Audit data in real-time whether you are at your desk or on the go with mobile devices
  • Search and retrieve all relevant and linked quality documents and records
  • Configure additional reports & dashboards with real-time data
  • Utilize Content Suite version control for all activities
  • Utilize the document management and security features of Content Suite
  • Seamless integration within the suite of applications and Content Suite

The KineMatik QMS Suite of Applications include Audits, Change Control, Complaints, Corrective Actions, Document Change Control, Equipment Register, SOP Training and more. These applications provide linked Quality processes within Content Suite allowing a real-time view of all quality metrics and trends across an organization while at the same time maintaining data and document security.

* OpenText is  a provider of the Enterprise Information Management software, Content Suite